October Camp-Meeting
The Advancing Light of the Third Angel
November-December 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We have added the following links for all who wish to attend the upcoming camp-meetings in Europe. Click on the flyer icons below to see more information about each of the meetings.
Future for America

Who We Are

The ministry of Future for America is earnestly working to proclaim the final warning message that God, through the testimonies of His Spirit, has sent to His chosen people. We have come to the realization that the wheat and the tares are in the process of being separated and bundled—one as faggots to feed the flames about to be kindled upon the ungodly, and the other as sheaves for the Heavenly garner. The end-time fulfillment of Bible-prophecy is taking place before our very eyes, and the foundational understanding of Seventh-day Adventism is now present truth. Moreover, the midnight cry (as a progressive event leading up to separation of the foolish and the wise) is now, more than ever, present truth. Many wonderful rays of light have been graciously shinning upon us, and it is our duty and pleasure to reflect these beautiful beams to our brethren. It is our hope and prayer that all would realize the solemnity of the times. We must each individually aim a little higher in our desire to know and follow after the truth. We are the final generation of this earth’s history. Through obedience to God’s law, and faith in the promises of His Word, we are to receive the experience that will enable us to stand during the crisis that is soon to come upon us. We must prepare for the coming storm; it is our God given task that all of His people are awakened to its frightening proximity and the overwhelming need of preparation.

Coupled with the prophetic message, Future for America emphasizes all aspects of the medical missionary work. The “entering wedge”—medical missionary work—must be practiced by those who are to finish God’s work in these final hours.

During this time period, country living becomes more essential with each passing moment. Future for America upholds and promotes this end-time truth. God’s people must prepare for the coming storm, and that preparation includes the experience of learning how to survive in a simple fashion, away from the great centers of population.